Friday, November 4, 2011

World Series Champs Snubbed by Obama

Chicago Baseball Fan President Obama
There can be no mistake that the president has the Cardinal's manager's phone number.  The reason the president did not call the World Series Champions could not be as simple as both teams are from red states?  Maybe the president was busy effecting all that "Hope and Change" he promised.  Possibly president Obama was out trying to find Democratic sponsors for his jobs plan?  Must be that he is a White Sox fan.  Whatever the reason we are sure that it is a good one to brake the long standing tradition of presidential congratulations for World Series victors. 

Pelosi Favors Boeing Shut Down

Two years ago the workers at the Boeing plant voted to de-unionize.  The workers vote should be what matters not the liberal lefts designs on more union dues flowing to Democrat candidates. San Fran Nan says unionize or shut down.  These are the kind of stories that should be front page news.  To bad for America the Lamestream Media will give this news a pass. 

Obama Hugs Islamist at G20

Hug the Islamist and handshake your European allies is how Obama conducts himself at the G20.  He sends a clear message while on the world stage about his feeling for Islamist leaders.  Time to wake up people this president favors Islam plain and simple.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Iran's Quest for Nuclear Weapons

Israel may be planning to strike Iran alone.  Should they do so the question is will Obama stand by Israel or not?

Again we have to thank or friends across the pond for bring us the latest news.