Friday, November 4, 2011

World Series Champs Snubbed by Obama

Chicago Baseball Fan President Obama
There can be no mistake that the president has the Cardinal's manager's phone number.  The reason the president did not call the World Series Champions could not be as simple as both teams are from red states?  Maybe the president was busy effecting all that "Hope and Change" he promised.  Possibly president Obama was out trying to find Democratic sponsors for his jobs plan?  Must be that he is a White Sox fan.  Whatever the reason we are sure that it is a good one to brake the long standing tradition of presidential congratulations for World Series victors. 

Pelosi Favors Boeing Shut Down

Two years ago the workers at the Boeing plant voted to de-unionize.  The workers vote should be what matters not the liberal lefts designs on more union dues flowing to Democrat candidates. San Fran Nan says unionize or shut down.  These are the kind of stories that should be front page news.  To bad for America the Lamestream Media will give this news a pass. 

Obama Hugs Islamist at G20

Hug the Islamist and handshake your European allies is how Obama conducts himself at the G20.  He sends a clear message while on the world stage about his feeling for Islamist leaders.  Time to wake up people this president favors Islam plain and simple.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Iran's Quest for Nuclear Weapons

Israel may be planning to strike Iran alone.  Should they do so the question is will Obama stand by Israel or not?

Again we have to thank or friends across the pond for bring us the latest news.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

1/2 Billion Dollar Green Jobs Loan Produces Cars in Finland

Fisker Karma $87,400
One trillion in green jobs loans blow up in the administration's face. First there was the solar energy debacle and now this nasty mess with jobs going to Finland.  Al Gore has his hands in this deal also making it all even more interesting. 

The Obama administration approved a 529 million dollar federal loan to Fisker to build these luxury hybrids that sell for over 87,000 dollars.  Not your typical family car that would be in high demand but a car only the rich 1% could afford.  A car that targets the very same people the administration tells us don't pay their fair share.  Are these successful people now suppose to buy these foreign made cars and pay higher taxes? After all if the rich don't buy these things and the company fails the US taxpayers will have to foot the bill.   Than there is the issue of the 7,500 dollar tax credit you get if you buy a Fisker.  That seems kind of like a corporate jet tax loophole to me.  Needless to say we are confused about this whole deal.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Olbermann Tanks Current TV Ratings

Is it that viewers are tired of Olbermann or is it that viewers are tired of Current TV?  Either way Al Gore's network is a big ratings looser with Olbermann only reaching 46,000 viewers.  

The only winner is Mr. Olbermann who is paid ten million a year for failing.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

PA Capital City Files Bankruptcy

To broke to put current Mayor's name on the sign

Harrisburg tried to go green but ended up in the red instead.  Their debt burden is five times their general-fund budget.  All this over trash/waste disposal.  Maybe they should of just dug a bigger hole to dump their trash in.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

VP Compared Wall Street Protesters to Tea Party

Occupy Wall Street Protester

President Obama said people were angry because Wall Street had not been “following the rules”. His vice-president even compared the movement on Thursday to the Tea Party.

Once again the administration is on the wrong side of the issue and out of step with the majority of Americans.

Tea Party Members Difference's with Occupy Wall Street Protesters

  • Tea Party members have jobs
  • Tea Party members take baths
  • Tea Party members vote conservative
  • Tea Party members want smaller government
  • Tea Party members have not been arrested at their protests
  • Tea Party members were not given rain ponchos by the Mayor of LA
  • Tea Party members do not defecate on police cars
  • Tea Party members get no support from Nancy Pelosi

There are other differences for sure.  Comment with your addition to the list please.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

EPA Regs Force Ameren Shutdown of 2 Power Plants

Brace yourself for higher utility rates because the administration thinks the air is not clean enough.  Even though the air quality in America is much better than in years past the Obama administration has promulgated regulations that are forcing power plants to shut down.    

If the goal of the administration is to make business less competitive they are doing a good job of it.  Experts are predicting 60% increases in electrical rates by 2014.  Higher utility rates will mean increased prices for everything you buy or produce. Spending more on your utilities will leave less money for you to buy things and that means less jobs for Americans. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Harry Reid Blocks Vote on Jobs Bill

That's right folks, the democrat leader of the senate blocked a vote on the presidents jobs bill.  

In an effort to give the president what he is asking for, republican minority leader Mitch McConnell attempted to force a vote today on the bill.  Reid, wanted no part of a vote and tells us the bill will come up to the full senate later this month.  Here we have the president running around demanding action and his own party will not support his plan.  All the while the White House and the Lamestream media blame the republicans for not passing the bill.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Obama Administration Protects Jobs.... In India!!!!

In the administration's continuing effort to put Gibson Guitar out of business they are confiscating more wood.  It seems Obama's stormtroopers believe it is illegal to  produce finished guitar fret boards in the United States.  The administration must also think forcing American workings off the job is good for their re-election chances, because they are taking these actions unilaterally.  India has been silent on this issue.

Janeane Garofalo Is A Genius

She is so smart, Janeane can see right through Herman Cain's popularity.  He is popular because his supporters are racist.  Yes, that is right conservatives like him because he is black and this covers their hate for blacks.  

How much more proof do you need that liberalism is a mental disorder?

Monday, September 26, 2011

200K Per Job Obama Job Plan... Pass It Now?

Treasury Secretary Geithner says the price tag is the wrong way to measure the bills worth.

If you are brain damaged you might believe the previous statement.  Or, you may believe that there is no other alternative to get the economy going in the right direction.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Palin Within 5 Points of Obama!!!

She is not even in the race and the polls indicate she is nipping at the presidents heels.  When the most polarizing political figure in America can be within 5 points it's a sure bet the Obama will be a one term president.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

72% Say America Heading in Wrong Direction

The president could turn things around if he would compromise.  Unfortunately, compromise with the other side of the isle is not in the game plan for Obama.  The only compromise the Dems ever talk about is the GOP giving in and going along with the left.  When the Dems had total control they pushed through Obamacare and Stimulus One.  Stimulus has failed and the president's only plan is to propose Son of Stimulus.  Doubling down on failure with permanent tax increases to pay for temporary jobs is the wrong answer and the people know it.;cbsCarousel

Friday, September 16, 2011

More Good News For The President

The latest first for the president is the gauge of consumer expectations dipped to 47.0 from 47.4. It was the lowest level since May 1980.  Obama must be elated buy this news because he is implementing the policies that have resulted in our continuing financial quagmire.  His latest "Pass It Now" program will insure further declines in our economy.  Just the proposal of the plan is hurting confidence, but that will not stop the president from pounding his fist and proclaiming "Pass It Now."

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Obama's Fix - Pass It Now

The fix for everything wrong in our country is just "Pass It Now".  Obama is going to get the country working if we just "Pass It Now".  Inflation will stop if we just "Pass It Now".  

Mean while in the real world things keep getting worse because thinking people know that most everything this administration has done is the cause of our continuing dilemma.  

There are only two things the Obama administration can do to resurrect our ailing economy. The first option would be to cut taxes, roll back regulations and repeal Obamacare.  Since that is not likely to happen the only other option is for the president to leave office and let a real leader take control.  Seemingly neither of these things will happen.  Therefore, we are doomed to fall deeper in debt and loose more jobs until 2013 when the next president takes office.  

Monday, September 12, 2011

Obama Job PLan - No Plan At All

The president's plan will not be sent to congress till next week.  Obama can pound his fist and shout all he wants but is plan is a looser and most people know it.

Obama Job Plan = More Taxes, Fewer Jobs

The Obama jobs plan calls for higher taxes and more money to his public union supporters.  A call for more teachers, fireman and road construction crews will produce no permanent jobs.  Road construction crews will be out of work once the roads are completed. Teacher's and firefighter's pay will become a burden on local governments once the original funding from the plan runs out.  Therefore local taxes in cities throughout the nation will either have to rise or the teachers and firefighters will become unemployed. Raising taxes on the oil and gas industry logical outcome would be higher energy prices and fewer jobs.  

Doubling down on the failed idea of government stimulus spending if foolish.  If the president really wants to help our economy he should take a lesson from recent history.  He only has to look back to 1980.  There he will find a road map for a robust economy.  History proves that lowering taxes actually produces more revenue for government.  The combination of lower taxes and less regulation is the only historically proven method for a recovery.  

Since stimulus one was past there are nearly two million fewer people working.  Based on that track record if this plan were to become law it would eliminate another million jobs.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Democrat Leader Wants Trillion Dollar Jobs Program

Rep. Maxine Waters, in advance of the Obama jobs speech is calling for another stimulus plan.  The price tag is to be one trillion dollars, which we would have to borrow.  After the already failed stimulus one, to suggest more government spending is misguided.

Does anyone think we can pay for a plan like she and the president will propose? A trillion dollars is a thousand billion dollars.  Even if you take all the assets of the millionaires in America you still could not pay for such lunacy.  

A better plan would be to cut taxes and regulations so business can grow.  This will not be proposed by any good liberal because of their despise of free enterprise.  Liberals want the government to be the source of  prosperity not the private sector.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Obama Gives Up Plan to Close Electric Power Plants

With the presidents approval ratings hitting an all time low and no now jobs created in August, Obama has put the brakes on his plan to cripple the power generation industry.  The realization that blackouts, higher utility rates and escalating food prices would hurt his re-election chances he had no other choice.  For now the president has had to break his campaign promise to bankrupt the coal industry.  For that we all can breath a collective sigh of relief.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Another Obamanation 1st: Ten Trillion in Public Debt

Publicly held debt has increased 59% under Obama.  He is spending money faster than any past president.  

I thought my x-wife was the champion of deficit spending.  And she was until Obama became president.

No New Jobs in August, Obama Departs for Another Vacation!!!

President Obama achieves another first.  For the first time in 66 years the economy added no new jobs in August.  The first black president can now add no job growth to his record on the economy.  The history this president is making is killing our economy.  

August Numbers:

The credit downgrade, no job growth, mountains of new regulations and record deficit spending were not what voters thought the "Hope and Change" Obama promised he was going to deliver.  Blaming Bush and bad luck just will not cut it with anyone but the most radical left wing mentally ill any  longer. 

Next week the president is going to unveil his jobs plan of more failed policies of paying people for digging wholes at the expense of tax payers.  The president will also call for more taxes on the so called rich.  Class warfare and is no solution to our problems.  A change in the leadership in Washington is the only solution.

Obama had no comment on the August job numbers and is leaving for another vacation.  The total lack of leadership on his part is beyond description.  

President departs for Camp David: 

Monday, August 29, 2011

President's Uncle Jailed as Illegal Alien

First Uncle Onyango "Omar" Obama
The president's uncle was arrested on a DUI charge.  He is currently being held as an illegal alien.

Ivy League Professor is Obama's New Economic Chairman

Meet your new Unemployment Czar, Alan Krueger
The newest egg head to be employed by Obama is Alan Krueger. Based on the reporting we have read, Krueger has no real world experience at creating jobs.  

America needs a person with actual experience in the private sector and not another academic genius full of failed ideas.  

Reuters describes Krueger as an "unemployment expert."  We believe that because we expect that there will be even more unemployment ahead for Americans.  We will learn that Obama and Krueger are experts at killing more jobs.  After all that is what the presidents policies have do so far.  It would be a safe bet that the administration will double down with the same unsuccessful ideas.

Illinois' Plan to Shed More Jobs

Demonstrators have a plan to keep Illinois on top of the states loosing jobs.  The newest Idea is to raise the minimum wage to over ten dollars an hour.  As taxes continue to go up in the Land of Lincoln residents are feeling the pinch.  Instead of people demanding smaller government and less taxes the latest idea is for an increase in the minimum wage. 

We have show you that since Illinois has increased taxes jobs are disappearing.  With less money for the public to spend and higher costs to business jobs go away.  Increasing wages and further increasing costs for business will predictably lead to even less jobs. 

We support Illinois in their miss guided efforts....  That way America will have another example of what not to do if you want to improve your economy!  

Al Gore, 'Global Warming Skeptics are Racists'

As the radical progressive social justice global warming crowd is looing support, Al Gore tries to heat things up with rhetoric.  The real truth is the global warming supports are this generations Quislings. (look it up if you don't know what a quisling is, hint it has nothing to do with quiz shows)

Remember Al Gore cheated on his wife. Commitment and honesty are a stranger to the man who invented the internet.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Illinois Leads Nation in Jobs Lost After Record Tax Increases

The presidents home state has taken Obama's advice and raised taxes on the productive and in return loose the most jobs in July compared to the rest of the states.  The home of the president was actually creating jobs up until the time the new tax increased was passed into law.  Since then unemployment has been on the up swing and jobs have been evaporating. 

Illegals Cost Texas $349 Million to Jail

In a bold move Rick Perry send a bill for $349 million to Janet Napolitano for the cost of housing illegal immigrants in Texas' state prisons and county jails. 

Fox News Reports:

White House Reports Entitlement Spending Double Defense Spending

Friday, August 26, 2011

Law Enforcement's War on Lemonade

Local governments across the nation are cracking down on illegal lemonade stands.  Sources are reporting that the scourge on our communities will be fought with vigor and that bake sales are the next target to protect the public's well being.  These rogue restauranteurs are a cancer on our nation that must be stopped.  We can not allow the unregulated sale of cake or refreshments by minors any longer.  After all the act of running a lemonade stand is a gateway to solid work ethics and possible business ownership. The addiction to free enterprise  mush be stopped before prosperity can be eradicated once and for all.  We want to thank these forward thinking government officials for  saving us from the evils of capitalism.

Enforcement Map:

Feds Tell Gibson, You Can Not Ship Guitars

Gibson CEO, Juszkiewicz
The Obama administration has threatened to file criminal charges against Gibson if they ship guitars.  Effectively Obama wants to shut down Gibson and kill jobs.  

“What is more troubling is that the Justice Department’s position is that any guitar that we ship out of this facility is potentially obstruction of justice and will be followed with criminal charges,” said Juszkiewicz, who added later that he plans to defy the government and resume operations. “I have taken personal responsibility. I have instructed our staff to continue building product.”


Gibson Guitar, Busted by Feds because of Wood

In a unilateral action to protect jobs in India, armed Fish and Wildlife Agents raided Gibson Guitar's plants in Tennessee this week because they suspect the wood used on guitars was exported illegally from India.  No United States laws were violated by the guitar manufacturer according to the company.  The Feds are acting to enforce laws of other nations.  

This was the second time Gibson has been subject to searches by the Obama Justice Department.  The raid from 2009 has not led to any charges to date.  It seems the government can not charge the company with anything since they have broken no US laws, but that does not stop the Obama Administration from harassment.

In a statement Gibson's CEO said, “The Federal Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. has suggested that the use of wood from India that is not finished by Indian workers is illegal, not because of U.S. law, but because it is the Justice Department’s interpretation of a law in India. (If the same wood from the same tree was finished by Indian workers, the material would be legal.) This action was taken without the support and consent of the government in India.” 

There you have it, our government shutting down production and confiscating Gibson's property without any basis in US law.  The damage this president is doing to our country is deplorable and must be stopped.....  Surviving until he is thrown out of office while he and his storm troupers attach the citizens and job creators is  going to be difficult.  Should our economy and our remaining freedoms make it till 2011's election,  the road to recovery will be a long one.  

My liberal neighbor who watches MSN and MSNBC or CNN nightly had no idea about this story.  I told him that the liberal networks he watches will never cover a story that reflects poorly on the president.  He just shook his head, the abuse of power seemed to be of no concern to him at all.  The fact that federal agents took property without legal authority left him cold.  Had it been Bush's administration taking these unlawful actions he would be red faced. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Obama Admin Latest Regulations: Goat Herders

Goat Herders Convention 2010
Yes you read right, now the administration has issued regulation for goat herders.  The estimated compliance cost is thirty eight billion dollars.  The new regs are such a burden that it will be difficult for herders to afford to to hire seasonal help.  

Placing undo burdens on herders and family business is what we don't need.  These actions are more proof that government is to large and far reaching and the Obama administration just has no common sense.  If a lack of common sense is not the explanation for actions such as these then the only other conceivable reason would be that Obama wants to regulate most every aspect of your life. 

Washington already regulates your toilet, light bulbs, car bumpers and oh so much more.  We have no way to accurately figure the cost to consumers and the jobs Washington's regulatory burden is costing our economy.  All we know is that  the mountains of regulations in effect are hurting our economy and making us less competitive.  

At least we all can sleep better knowing that each goat herder and his family will be given a private residence with kitchen  and proper lighting.  We recognize the importance of these new regulations since Herding is top of mind as the number one issue confronting America today.  When the presidential debates are held in 2012 the contrast between Obama and his opponent on this issue could make or break the run for the White House.  

Who is not for protecting Goat Herders and providing them with nice comfortable apartments.  When voters lean that the republican is against regulations of this nature Obama should sweep every state.  Certainly no Tea Party candidate would have the compassion to issue regulations like this or any republican either.  Obama and his people are smart and know that this pivotal issue will sweep them in to a historic second term!   We stand in awe of the compassion and genius of the president and his administration

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rep. Frederica Wilson: 'The Tea Party is the enemy"

In a move not be be out done by Rep. Waters, congresswoman Wilson calls the Tea Party the enemy.  According to her anyone who does not want an Obama second term is the enemy.  

Why any black leader would want Obama to have a second term with black unemployment so high has to be insane.  But like we always say, "liberalism is a mental disorder."

Proposed New Regulations: Federal Building Codes

Just drive along Hwy 64/40 in west St. Louis County and you will find a log cabin that was built in 1835.  How it can still be standing without being built to a Federal Building  Code is perplexing.  Perplexing because Washington now believes there is a need to implement Federal Construction standards.  Washington thinks that we are not smart enough on a local lever to implement proper construction standards.  The people who built that cabin in what is now West St. Louis County did a very good job without any government telling them how to build.

This is nothing more of the fundamental change promised by the Obamanation during the campaign.  Should the proposed codes go into effect the result will be less construction jobs and higher prices.  No dough there will need to be a new regulatory agency started to enforce any new Federal Construction codes, further increasing the scope of government.  

Thank Rick Perry for bringing this situation to light. 

New Low Approval Rating for Obama

Quake Rocks Washington, Hurricane in Route!

The Pentagon and Capital have been evacuated and are closed as a result of the quake.  Hopefully no one was hurt in the area. The good news is that most of us will not even realize that for the most part government is shut down.  Our wish is that the citizens will now see that life will be just fine without the baleen government.

Democrat geologists have been rumored to report the quake originated from the Bush Fault Line......  Film at ten! 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Congresswoman Maxine Waters: ‘The tea party can go straight to hell’

The hate speech from the left never seems to end.  Here is the latest from the left coast this time it is Congresswoman  Waters damming the Tea Party to hell.  Watch the video in which she says she is not afraid to fight.  Trouble is she is fighting against the people who want to stop the insanity of big government spending and regulations.  There for she must be fighting for more spending, more regulation and higher taxes. 

We will give the congresswoman credit for pointing out that while on his recent bus tour the president did not visit one black community.... 

See the video:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tax Foundation Study: Higher Taxes on Millionares has Miniscule Effect on Debt

It's been said before, "you can't tax your way out of our current debt crisis."  Now a brand new study from the non partisan group, Tax Foundation proves the fact.  It has also been said. "we don't have a taxing problem we have a spending problem."

While the bright light of truth shines bright on the IRS's own numbers you mentally ill liberals will still continue to call for punitive tax rates on millionaires.  Even though the real result of higher taxes on the rich and business will mean less jobs.  

Don't believe the Administration's and Lamestream's media lie about rich people paying their fair share.  Should you support that canard it will be at the peril or our country!

EPA Set to Close 10% of USA Electric Utility Plants

This is just another way the Obama administration is destroying the economy and fueling inflation.  As if things are not bad enough, higher energy cost increase the cost of everything you buy.  That is not the "Change" voters believed in when they voted for Obama....  That is to say, most voters at least.

Separate Jets for President and First Lady

Once again we have to look to our friends in the UK to give us the news.  The Mail online reports that the first family used two government jets for transport to their current vacation on Martha's Vineyard.  The additional expense for the second plan will cost the US tax payers thousands of dollars.  Luckly for the president the Lamestream media will never touch this story here in America and most Americans will never hear of this latest act of irresponsibility.  

While families are struggling to hold onto their homes and watching every dime the president lives in a different dimension when it comes to finances.  In September the president will release his newest plan for the economy.  His plan will include more taxes and spending.  You just wait and see..... He wants more taxes from the corporate jet owners he so readily vilifies, so he may spend more money on his jet vacations.  

While the president vacations at your expense unemployment figures continue their dismal trend, the DOW is on a slide, housing sales continue to plummet and inflation is on the rise.  The only good  news is the presidents approval ratings have hit a new low and the election draws closer every day.  Only fifteen months to go before Obama will be a lame duck.   

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Newest Growth Industry: Government Regulation Agencies

20% of work days spend complying with regulations
Government Regulation Agencies are now the third largest employer in America...  That is one of the main reasons the rest of employment is declining. Businesses are afraid to make a move with higher taxes and more regulations coming down the pike.

Congrssional Black Caucus Asks: 'Why Obama Does Not Visit Black Communities'

Rep. Waters is not the only black leader asking what is the president's economic plan for the black community.  Jesse Jackson is asking  as so is the Rev. Al.  Jackson wants the president to fight harder for blacks against republicans. (like the GOP is against blacks)

We believe the reason Obama did not visit a black community during his much promoted mid-west bus tour is because he know that 95% of blacks will vote for him again. 

The only things Obama is planning are his re-election, where he will play golf next, more regulations on business and when his next vacation will be. 

Obama's New Job Plan to be Released After Vacation: Jobless Claims Up Again

The first family is taking another vacation as the country waits to learn of the new jobs plan from the White House....  Mean while jobless claims are up as is inflation and the price of gas.  Housing prices are low and the president's ratings are slipping in all sectors.  

A leader would have released the newest plan before taking a vacation.  This president takes vacation after vacation and we fall further into the abyss.  Since the president believes he saved the auto industry maybe he thinks he can save the hospitality industry buy taking more vacations...