Sunday, August 12, 2012

Million Dollar Reward for Agent Terry's Killers

An unfortunate woman dies seven years after Romney leaves Bain Capital and he gets the blame for her tragic death.  Hundreds are murdered with guns the Obama administration let cross the border with no way to tracks and the left says nothing. Obama has exercised executive privileged to keep the investigation stone walled of the Fast and Furious operation.  

Romney should do an ad interviewing the family of our slain border patrol agent.  Get them to blame Obama and say he does not care about the death of their son.  The lamestream media and Hollywierd would go insane.  Oh I am sorry that are already insane so I am not sure what they would do.

Defend this too Liberal/progressive Obama voters.

ABC says, "Fast and Furious went horribly wrong."

Obama Cuts 700 Billion From Medicare: Pushes Grandma Over Cliff

Rachel Maddow, can not defend the truth that Obama cuts 700 Billion from Medicare and effects current seniors. You Obamacare liberals are the ones pushing grandmother over the cliff in her wheelchair not Romney. Come on liberals, defend this, prove Der Leader is not stripping apart Medicare. Try if you will but facts are facts. 

Obama's Gives Tax Break to Hire Foreigners!

Single digit IQ voters who believe the Obama claims that Romney wants to outsource jobs need to read this. Right here Obama's Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has instituted immigration rules that save employers over 5,000 a year in taxes on each employee. The savings make it more favorable to hire foreigners over American workers.

We should not be asking questions of the president about this policy. Why bother he has not answered any for the press in weeks. Its much more important that Romney produce six times as many tax returns than required by law. Obama has only shown two years. Why are not people asking for more disclosure from him? Hundreds of people were killed by guns walked over the border during Fast and Furious and Obama wants to talk about a poor woman who became ill and died five years after her husband lost his job.
My heart is heavy with sorrow when I see how our country has degraded since my birth.