Friday, December 31, 2010

Hate Crimes Against Jews Rise in New York

Members of Kansas-based,Westboro Baptist Church Protest in New York
ALBANY -- Hate crimes across New York state jumped 14 percent in 2009, led by an increase in attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions, state records released yesterday show.

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TV Crew Producer Covering President Injured By Police

First Dog Bo in Hawaii
"Jones’ fingers were gashed by the sharp edge on the camera mount. She said the officer appeared shaken by what he'd done and courteously showed her how to complain, writing his name and badge number on a card with contact information for the Honolulu Police Commission."  Read More from KITV: 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Video of ATF - Biker Shootout released by Maine

Biker killed in Maine shootout with ATF agents

State Releases Video

12 States are Sueing Feds over EPA

Government by Executive Fiat results in legal battle. 
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Snow in Phoenix, what next?

Phoenix Snow
No one is sure what is going on with the weather except that man is the problem according to the Global Warming crowd. 

Your source for the Wacky Weather - State Of Emergency


Another hole in the Global Warming scam

Transportation and the Death of the Forth Amendment: "No Refusal" DUI Checkpoints

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

X-ray or be sexually assaulted don't blow and they stick you with needles.  Road side judges and courts are coming to a check point near you soon. 

These type of actions directed at the people by government further illustrate the total abandonment of the fourth amendment by our elected officials.

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Mark Skoda, the Tea Party's 'thought leader'

Scripps Howard News Service:

"Washington is not evil. Washington is us. But if I were king," he said with an impish smirk, "I would reform our government to a 21st century bureaucracy, not a 19th century one. I would get rid of the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce and the Department of Education. They're just employment pools. They don't help Americans at all. And I'd freeze federal salaries for 10 years, until the private sector catches up. For starters."

What a great way to cut spending and rein in the Goliath of Washington, DC. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

US Revokes Venezuelan Envoy's Visa

While Venezuela cozies up to Iran we kick out their Ambassador.  

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Beef Jerky Recall

Teriyaki Beef Jerky
Warning: This Product Contains Wheat!

Woman Who Protested TSA Pat-Downs At OKC Airport Banned From Flying

When you have a right the government can not take it away.  The right to travel by commercial airline does not exist in America.  It would seem that you may exercise your privilege to fly as long as you don't speak out against the TSA. 

Clothes or no clothes the TSA will not let this lady board her flight.  They claim she is a security risk.  The TSA reason was they did not like the shape of her buttocks.  All this because she will not allow a TSA employee to sexually assault her.  Her offer to fully disrobe has been rejected by the TSA.  If you object to someone of the same sex other than your doctor touching your junk you should at least have the option to disrobe to prove you are not concealing anything. 

News 6 Oklahoma City reports:

Berlin Sees Most Snow in December Since 1900s

Record cold temperatures and record snow fall figures can not be caused by Global Warming.

The most accurate long rage forecasts have come from scientists that study the sun.  Here NASA reports the sun has been in a period of low activity since 1996.  During this time the global temperatures have been stable to falling.  Co2 emissions have not decreased during that same time period.

Think about it.  If the sun is not putting out as much heat, temperatures here on earth have dropped.  When the sun is more active temperatures rise on earth.  It just that simple. 

Global Warming is nothing but a way to control the economic activities of nations.  State Of Emergency has published the admissions to this truth in the past.  Here is the article again:

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Member Admits To Hoax 


White House Plans to Push Global Warming Policy, GOP Vows Fight

2011 should be very interesting for those of you who actually follow what goes on in Washington DC.

Average Stagehand at Lincoln Center Earns $290K a Year

The top earning stagehand gets paid over 500K including benefits!

2010: Fox News Dominates Cable News — Tops All Competitors Combined

Fox makes top ten cable networks.  CNN, MSNBC, and HLN trail far behind.  The total viewers for these three networks do not equal the total viewers for FOX.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thomas Sowell Lends Support to the Mission of State Of Emergency

"...when proposals explicitly rejected by a vote in Congress are resurrected and stealthily made the law of the land by bureaucratic fiat, there has been an end run around both the people and the Constitution."

Read Political End Runs:

Now read how the Constitution was abandoned and learn about the biggest political end run ever.  (click on the images to enlarge) 

German Airport CEO Wants Passengers Profiled

What a novel idea.  To bad we will never employ that method here.  

Ex-Big Oil President Sees $5 Gas in 2012

Welcome to the new normal with the Obama energy plan. After four years of bowing to our enemies and record debt like Jimmy Carter Obama will be a one term president.  People will be so fed up with all the hope and change that the republican nominee will win in a land slide.

In 2012 the new republican president Sara Palin, will drill baby drill.  Prices for oil will begin to fall as soon as she wins the election.  Then her first act in office will be to not only open up drilling both on land and off shore she will also be able to rescind the mess of government by executive fiat Obama created.  

Chris Matthews Wants To See Obama's Origional Birth Certificate

This is what Obama has never produced.  Even Chris Matthews wants to see.

According to Chris Matthews 43% of Americans don't know or don't believe that Obama was born in Hawaii.  When Matthews asked Clarence Paige why Obama just does not produce his long form Birth Certificate Paige's reply was, "because Obama does not care."

I think Paige inadvertently spoke the truth in that Obama does not care about the law.

At least is good to know that just because we ask the question that does not make one a "Birther."

See the Video:

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Obama Decrees That EPA to Regulate Green House Gas

Be on the lookout for higher utility bills once the EPA puts their boot on the throat of the electric and gas companies.  Read more:

Although Cap and Trade was not passed by congress Obama will proceed by executive fiat.  The president's planned regulation once again proves that our government is not held to normal constitutional bounds.  The page links to the left prove this fact along with the actions of government. 

Read from the Congressional Record on the subject of the death of the Constitution.  

Here the Senate reports that the President has almost complete control of your life. (click on the images to enlarge)

Prediction: Atlanta's First White Christmas in 128 Years

If the current forecast holds, it’ll be the first snow to fall on Christmas in Atlanta since a trace in 1993. The last time there was measurable snow on Christmas Day was more than a century earlier, in 1882, when .3 inch accumulated.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mini Ice Age Coming Says Piers Corbyn, Meteorologist

The official government forecast predicted above average temperatures, while Piers Corbym forecast the current weather in the UK.  
"Back in November, when the Met Office was still doing its "mild winter" schtick, Corbyn said it would be the coldest for 100 years. Indeed, it was back in May that he first predicted a snowy December, and he put his own money on a white Christmas about a month before the Met Office made any such forecast. He said that the Met Office would be wrong about last year's mythical "barbecue summer", and he was vindicated. He was closer to the truth about last winter, too.

He seems to get it right about 85 per cent of the time and serious business people - notably in farming - are starting to invest in his forecasts. In the eyes of many punters, he puts the taxpayer-funded Met Office to shame. How on earth does he do it? He studies the Sun."

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DeMint vows to reverse FCC's 'Internet takeover'

 A federal court has ruled that the commission has no authority to regulate the Internet, and a bipartisan group of senators and representatives warned Genechowski not to attempt to impose a regulatory regime on the Internet earlier this year.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

FCC Gives Government Power to Regulate Web Traffic

Step by step, inch by inch, the government is taking over the internet.  Critics of this expansion of power predict higher cost for all internet subscribers and government control of content.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Ya, gotta love this lady.

Illegal Immigrant Students Take Fight to the States

Republican Leader Says No To Arms Treaty

Obama, Medvedev sign START treaty on nuclear weapons

 WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate's Republican leader said Sunday he would oppose a nuclear arms treaty with Russia, complicating President Barack Obama's drive to secure a foreign policy victory in the final days of the post election Congress. Senior Democrats still expressed confidence the Senate would ratify the accord and pushed for a showdown vote early this week.

Republican Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told CBS television's Face the Nation program that if the Obama administration wants to ratify the accord, it should think about starting over during the next session of Congress in January.

NY Rep. King: I'll hold hearings on radical Islam

This should drive la raza crazy.  I can't wait to see what the lame stream media has to say about this.

Y2K Prediction of Global Warming Wrong

Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past

By Charles Onians
Monday, 20 March 2000

Dec 19, 1:41 PM (ET)

Senate Kills Amnesty For Illegals

More like a nightmare than a dream.  Senate kills the Dream Act, the attempt by the dems to gain more people who will vote for them is dead.  At least for now.

I can't  go to Mexico and get free school for my children, own property, or get free emergency room hospital services.  Mexico will not give me citizenship if I enter their country illegally.  Our policy should match that of Mexico's.

 "Mr. Obama will now face growing pressure from immigrant and Latino groups to temper the crackdown and perhaps find ways to use executive powers to bring some illegal immigrants out of the shadows. Latino voters turned out in strength for the Democrats in the midterm elections, arguably saving their majority in the Senate. "

Saturday, December 18, 2010

China To Build 1st Aircraft Carrier

China has launched an ambitious plan to build an aircraft carrier, the country has revealed for the first time, in a move that will heighten international scrutiny of the rapid expansion of its naval power.

Amnesty for Illegals Fails in Senate

The vote by 55-41 in favor of the bill, which is known as the Dream Act, effectively kills it for this year, and its fate is uncertain. The measure needed the support of 60 senators to cut off a filibuster and bring it to the floor.

New American Redneck Society Formed

Are you a Redneck?  Check out the American Redneck Society's Website and find out.  

Venezuela Assembly Grants Dictatorial Power to Chavez

Chavez and Castro, Birds Of A Feather.....
Venezuela is the fifth largest oil exporting country in the world with the largest reserves of heavy crude oil at an estimated 99.4 billion barrels as of 2010. Venezuela has the largest reserves of light and heavy crude oil in the entire western hemisphere.

Iran is planning to place medium-range missiles on Venezuelan soil, based on western information sources, according to an article in the German daily, Die Welt, of November 25, 2010.  Now Parliament has granted Chevez the power to rule as a Dictator.  

We need a man in the White House like JFK.  He had the guts to stand up to Cuba and Russia and stop missiles from being placed in Cuba.  It is unlikely Obama will exhibit the same courage as JFK. Obama will also not allow America to develop our own oil and gas reserves.  This lack of proper use of our natural resources will only further our dependence on imported oil and weaken our economy and national security.

Read More About Venezuela:

Walter E. Williams: Changing America

This is the man who should have been America's first black president.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Coldest December Since Records Began

It just could be that man can not change the climate by burning fossil fuels.  

Federal Bank Examiners Say Religious Decoration Inappropriate

The feds are suing a school district because they refused three weeks leave for a Muslim teacher.  At the same time they require bank employees to remove buttons that say "Merry Christmas."  As George Bush would say, "that don't make any sense." The nation has a official Christmas Tree the president lights every year.  That tradition seems doomed to be a thing of the past soon.

Enough is enough, wake up and take your country back.

Secret Tests At LAX, O'Hare, Newark Show TSA Screeners Missed Guns, Bombs

You should not be surprised.  State Of Emergency reported that Adam Savage had two 12 in razor blades get through screening in his laptop bag. 

TSA agents are to busy looking at naked pictures and sexually assaulting travelers to find guns and bombs.   The use full idiots who say they will be willing to be x-rayed or groped if it makes us safer are fools.  Giving up your rights and letting the government sexually assault you only serves to empower government and not make you any safer.  TSA employees simply are not effective at performing their primary roll of stopping guns, knives, or bombs from getting past security. 

There have been no reports of TSA stopping one gun or bomb since they started enhanced screening.  If there are any reports of that nature please post them here under comments so our staff may research and publish the story.

Gaping Holes in Airline Security: Loaded Gun Slips Past TSA Screeners

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Washington Subway Police to Begin Random Bag Checks

Checking your grand mother's handbag or a dog sniffing a government worker's briefcase will not keep us safe from terrorists.  All it will do is further erode our freedoms.

Senate Dem leader drops nearly $1.3T spending bill

While the editorial board was reviewing the previous post this breaking news hit the wires.

Dec 16 07:55 PM US/Eastern:

Mitch McConnell
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, offers a one page bill to replace the 1,924 page pork ridden democrat proposal.

Washington Is Broken and They Turned Off The Alarm Clock

In 2009 the Obama administration's statement about signing the omnibus fiscal year 2010 appropriations bill (HR 3288) was that the bill is not "perfect" because it increases spending and continues earmarking but added that Obama signed the measure to keep government operations moving. Officials also said that Obama's next budget will aim to make more progress toward reducing the deficit (Koffler, Roll Call, 12/16).

When you roll the calendar forward one year you find yet another bloated budget with increased spending and billions in earmarks proposed by the Democrats.  The words from the White House last year ring hollow.  Voters sent a clear message that has been delivered to a liberal/progressive majority that they refuse to hear.

Spending money that we don't have is has proven to fail in the past and will continue to fail in the future.   An intelligent citizen should question what the real agenda of the Democrats is.  The reality seems to be that the current majority in congress only cares about rewarding their cronies and not doing what is best for you and I.  Clearly we don't have a tax rate problem rather we are confronted with a spending problem.

At this moment the best solution would be a continuing resolution taking us into mid February at our current spending levels.  This way on January 5th, the new congressional majority can get to work correcting the blunders of our past administrations.

71% Of Votes Say Country Is Headed In Wrong Direction

The lame duck session drives voter discontent down further.

Hugo Chavez Borrows Game Plan From FDR

Chavez seeks power to rule by decree for 1 year

FDR convinced the American people and congress that he should have the power to rule by decree. Here is what the president had to say on the subject during his inauguration March 4th, 1933.

"But in the event that the Congress shall fail to take one of these two courses, and in the event that the national emergency is still critical, I shall not evade the clear course of duty that will then confront me. I shall ask the Congress for the one remaining instrument to meet the crisis—broad Executive power to wage a war against the emergency, as great as the power that would be given to me if we were in fact invaded by a foreign foe."

The Congress granted FDR the power he spoke of on March 9th, 1933Allowing a president to rule by decree makes that president a dictator.   
The first thing FDR did with his unbridled power was to close the banks and confiscate the peoples goldAfter that FDR seized control of all means of production, communications, and national resources.  Government also instituted the issuance of license for many activities here to fore no license was required.  FDR centralized planning and the result was the start of the growth of big brother and has led us to the current mess our country is in today. 

Some 60 years later Congressman Traficant made the following remarks about the results of the acts that FDR and Congress instituted on March 9, 1933.  Read the Congressional Record:  
America is by no means a third world nation like Venezuela yet.  However we are rapidly slipping down the slope in route to that distinction.   
Our Schools are failing the students, our credit rating as a nation is at risk, our dollar is in decline, and our borders are left open.  Factories have left in droves along with good paying jobs.  Government debt has spiraled out of control and our military might has become flaccid. Government agencies are abusing the people.  Our homes have lost their value.  Currently the FCC is moving to take over the internet.  The President and First Lady want to tell us what you and your children should eat. 

These are just some of the examples of the current state of distress America is experiencing. 
It's time to wake up and reclaim our great nation before the bureaucrats in Washing D.C. turn us into the Socialist States of Amerika.

Chicago Tribune 1934: Click to enlarge
If you don't know history you are doomed to repeat history!

Border Agent Killed In Gun Battle In Arizona

PHOENIX | Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:35pm EST
PHOENIX (Reuters) - A U.S. Border Patrol agent was shot dead by suspected smugglers in a gun battle close to the Mexico border in southern Arizona and four suspects have been arrested, authorities said on Wednesday.