Thursday, September 29, 2011

Obama Administration Protects Jobs.... In India!!!!

In the administration's continuing effort to put Gibson Guitar out of business they are confiscating more wood.  It seems Obama's stormtroopers believe it is illegal to  produce finished guitar fret boards in the United States.  The administration must also think forcing American workings off the job is good for their re-election chances, because they are taking these actions unilaterally.  India has been silent on this issue.

Janeane Garofalo Is A Genius

She is so smart, Janeane can see right through Herman Cain's popularity.  He is popular because his supporters are racist.  Yes, that is right conservatives like him because he is black and this covers their hate for blacks.  

How much more proof do you need that liberalism is a mental disorder?

Monday, September 26, 2011

200K Per Job Obama Job Plan... Pass It Now?

Treasury Secretary Geithner says the price tag is the wrong way to measure the bills worth.

If you are brain damaged you might believe the previous statement.  Or, you may believe that there is no other alternative to get the economy going in the right direction.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Palin Within 5 Points of Obama!!!

She is not even in the race and the polls indicate she is nipping at the presidents heels.  When the most polarizing political figure in America can be within 5 points it's a sure bet the Obama will be a one term president.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

72% Say America Heading in Wrong Direction

The president could turn things around if he would compromise.  Unfortunately, compromise with the other side of the isle is not in the game plan for Obama.  The only compromise the Dems ever talk about is the GOP giving in and going along with the left.  When the Dems had total control they pushed through Obamacare and Stimulus One.  Stimulus has failed and the president's only plan is to propose Son of Stimulus.  Doubling down on failure with permanent tax increases to pay for temporary jobs is the wrong answer and the people know it.;cbsCarousel

Friday, September 16, 2011

More Good News For The President

The latest first for the president is the gauge of consumer expectations dipped to 47.0 from 47.4. It was the lowest level since May 1980.  Obama must be elated buy this news because he is implementing the policies that have resulted in our continuing financial quagmire.  His latest "Pass It Now" program will insure further declines in our economy.  Just the proposal of the plan is hurting confidence, but that will not stop the president from pounding his fist and proclaiming "Pass It Now."

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Obama's Fix - Pass It Now

The fix for everything wrong in our country is just "Pass It Now".  Obama is going to get the country working if we just "Pass It Now".  Inflation will stop if we just "Pass It Now".  

Mean while in the real world things keep getting worse because thinking people know that most everything this administration has done is the cause of our continuing dilemma.  

There are only two things the Obama administration can do to resurrect our ailing economy. The first option would be to cut taxes, roll back regulations and repeal Obamacare.  Since that is not likely to happen the only other option is for the president to leave office and let a real leader take control.  Seemingly neither of these things will happen.  Therefore, we are doomed to fall deeper in debt and loose more jobs until 2013 when the next president takes office.  

Monday, September 12, 2011

Obama Job PLan - No Plan At All

The president's plan will not be sent to congress till next week.  Obama can pound his fist and shout all he wants but is plan is a looser and most people know it.

Obama Job Plan = More Taxes, Fewer Jobs

The Obama jobs plan calls for higher taxes and more money to his public union supporters.  A call for more teachers, fireman and road construction crews will produce no permanent jobs.  Road construction crews will be out of work once the roads are completed. Teacher's and firefighter's pay will become a burden on local governments once the original funding from the plan runs out.  Therefore local taxes in cities throughout the nation will either have to rise or the teachers and firefighters will become unemployed. Raising taxes on the oil and gas industry logical outcome would be higher energy prices and fewer jobs.  

Doubling down on the failed idea of government stimulus spending if foolish.  If the president really wants to help our economy he should take a lesson from recent history.  He only has to look back to 1980.  There he will find a road map for a robust economy.  History proves that lowering taxes actually produces more revenue for government.  The combination of lower taxes and less regulation is the only historically proven method for a recovery.  

Since stimulus one was past there are nearly two million fewer people working.  Based on that track record if this plan were to become law it would eliminate another million jobs.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Democrat Leader Wants Trillion Dollar Jobs Program

Rep. Maxine Waters, in advance of the Obama jobs speech is calling for another stimulus plan.  The price tag is to be one trillion dollars, which we would have to borrow.  After the already failed stimulus one, to suggest more government spending is misguided.

Does anyone think we can pay for a plan like she and the president will propose? A trillion dollars is a thousand billion dollars.  Even if you take all the assets of the millionaires in America you still could not pay for such lunacy.  

A better plan would be to cut taxes and regulations so business can grow.  This will not be proposed by any good liberal because of their despise of free enterprise.  Liberals want the government to be the source of  prosperity not the private sector.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Obama Gives Up Plan to Close Electric Power Plants

With the presidents approval ratings hitting an all time low and no now jobs created in August, Obama has put the brakes on his plan to cripple the power generation industry.  The realization that blackouts, higher utility rates and escalating food prices would hurt his re-election chances he had no other choice.  For now the president has had to break his campaign promise to bankrupt the coal industry.  For that we all can breath a collective sigh of relief.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Another Obamanation 1st: Ten Trillion in Public Debt

Publicly held debt has increased 59% under Obama.  He is spending money faster than any past president.  

I thought my x-wife was the champion of deficit spending.  And she was until Obama became president.

No New Jobs in August, Obama Departs for Another Vacation!!!

President Obama achieves another first.  For the first time in 66 years the economy added no new jobs in August.  The first black president can now add no job growth to his record on the economy.  The history this president is making is killing our economy.  

August Numbers:

The credit downgrade, no job growth, mountains of new regulations and record deficit spending were not what voters thought the "Hope and Change" Obama promised he was going to deliver.  Blaming Bush and bad luck just will not cut it with anyone but the most radical left wing mentally ill any  longer. 

Next week the president is going to unveil his jobs plan of more failed policies of paying people for digging wholes at the expense of tax payers.  The president will also call for more taxes on the so called rich.  Class warfare and is no solution to our problems.  A change in the leadership in Washington is the only solution.

Obama had no comment on the August job numbers and is leaving for another vacation.  The total lack of leadership on his part is beyond description.  

President departs for Camp David: