Friday, October 29, 2010

Voter Fraud, Mud Slinging and Dirty Tricks

America voted for "hope and Change" in 2008.  They have now seen the change that Obama and his cronies promised and the majority do not like it.  The nation's leading polling groups report the public's distrust of government and low approval ratings of the President and Congress.

When surveyed the majority of Americans favor the repeal of the Democrats health care bill.

The Stimulus bill has proven to only produce increased government jobs while private sector job growth is anemic.  Recent statistics suggest at the current rate of private sector job growth it will be ten more years till we are able to replace the jobs lost in the last two years.

People can't and will not wait ten years for a recovery.  They see the effects of the liberal/progressive agenda and feel the effects in their wallets.  The site of more intrusive government, failed stimulus and arrogance is not pleasing to the eyes of the majority of the voting public.  With the Federal Reserve talking about inflation they feel the dollar shrink in their pocket books.

Another recent poll shows that if the election for President was held today that 56% of likely voters would fire President Obama.  Tuesday's election will be a referendum on how well voters have received the "Hope and Change" promised in 2008.

Traditional safe Democrat seat are now in play with races to close to call.  Harry Reid has spent millions on attack ads aimed at Sharon Angle to no avail. Current polling show Angle with a four point lead over Reid.  Absent of rampant voter fraud, free food and gift cards at Democrat turn out the vote events in Nevada the Senate will have a new leader next year. Chuck Schumer is licking his lips right now at the thought of Reid loosing and the Democrats holding the Senate so he can become the new Senate Majority Leader should his party hold the Senate.

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