Tuesday, March 15, 2011

US Tax Dollars Rebuild Mosques and Buy Computers for Muslims

World's Largest Mosque
Hundreds of millions of dollars are being sent over seas to rehab mosques and buy computers for Muslims.  Oil rich Arab countries have plenty of money to repair their own mosques.  If they can build man made islands and high rise buildings they can rebuild their own mosques. 

Here in America I am told we have separation of church and state.  If our government is giving grants to churches here let us know.  I know of a church or two who could use the money to repair their buildings.

This is another example of the administrations failed foreign policy.  They are fools to think that sending a billion dollars over seas to Muslims will make them like us.  All it will do is make them laugh as they cash our checks and plot inside the mosques about how to kill more infidels. 


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