Saturday, October 8, 2011

VP Compared Wall Street Protesters to Tea Party

Occupy Wall Street Protester

President Obama said people were angry because Wall Street had not been “following the rules”. His vice-president even compared the movement on Thursday to the Tea Party.

Once again the administration is on the wrong side of the issue and out of step with the majority of Americans.

Tea Party Members Difference's with Occupy Wall Street Protesters

  • Tea Party members have jobs
  • Tea Party members take baths
  • Tea Party members vote conservative
  • Tea Party members want smaller government
  • Tea Party members have not been arrested at their protests
  • Tea Party members were not given rain ponchos by the Mayor of LA
  • Tea Party members do not defecate on police cars
  • Tea Party members get no support from Nancy Pelosi

There are other differences for sure.  Comment with your addition to the list please.

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