Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Results of the Arab Spring

Obama and the rest of the libs were right out in from in their support of the Arab Spring.  The picture they painted of a people struggling to obtain liberty and freedom was a vision of beauty.  This illustration of the Arab Spring was distorted.  Only now do we see the reality of the Arab Spring in clear focus.

What we now see is the crystal clear image of the real forces behind the Arab Spring.  An image of oppression and hate.  Egypt will soon have in place an Islamic fundamentalist regime ruling over the people.  Egypt new power broker will destroy  free thought and the rights of women.  This regime is so twisted that they believe it is proper to have sex with your dead wife for up to six hours after her demise.

In addition to the erosion of human rights this regime has increased hostilities with Israel.  Israel has experienced aggression form within Egypt that they have not experienced in thirty years.  It is not surprise the Israel has called up the military reserves.

We do not understand why women and Jews support the Democrat party in such numbers when the party's actions are contrary to Israel's and Woman's best interest. Dr. Michael Savage believes liberalism is a mental disorder.  We find no other explanation to women and Jews supporting a party that does not serve their interests.  In the case of women, free birth control pills and contraceptives have proven to only increase the unwed mother numbers.  Obama's policies toward Israel have only served to embolden Israel's enemies. 

Read more, Israel's call to arms:

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