Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Woman Who Protested TSA Pat-Downs At OKC Airport Banned From Flying

When you have a right the government can not take it away.  The right to travel by commercial airline does not exist in America.  It would seem that you may exercise your privilege to fly as long as you don't speak out against the TSA. 

Clothes or no clothes the TSA will not let this lady board her flight.  They claim she is a security risk.  The TSA reason was they did not like the shape of her buttocks.  All this because she will not allow a TSA employee to sexually assault her.  Her offer to fully disrobe has been rejected by the TSA.  If you object to someone of the same sex other than your doctor touching your junk you should at least have the option to disrobe to prove you are not concealing anything. 

News 6 Oklahoma City reports:

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