Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In Historic Action EPA Revokes Permit :Unconstitutional Power Grab!

Since the CWA was enacted in 1972, EPA has never revoked a previously issued, valid CWA Section 404 permit.

Emergency rule as persisted in America since March 9th, 1933.  The proof is contained here on the pages of this blog.  http://emergency-usa.blogspot.com/2010/11/bankruptcy-of-united-states.html Without this condition of emergency rule the EPA could not even exist.  http://emergency-usa.blogspot.com/p/us-senate-emergency-powers-now-in.html
This unconstitutional power grab by the EPA will cost the jobs of most all the employees at Mingo-Logan Coal Company’s Spruce No. 1 coal mine.
This action also puts in jeopardy other coal mining operations in the USA.  Further reduction of sources of energy here within our borders will result in higher oil prices and higher utility bills for everyone.       

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