Thursday, January 13, 2011

License Plates For Bicycles

The state tells us that driving is a privilege. Now law a maker wants to make riding your bicycle a privilege also and charge you a license fee.  

Rights are something that you do not have to pay for.  Privileges are issued by someone or some thing that hold a position of authority over you.  When you have children you give them privileges and sometime take away the privilege if your child does something wrong.  Rights on the other hand are something that one cannot take from another.  Rights are endowed by our creator, this is why no person or government may take them from you.

In a free country government is the servant of the citizens.  Just governments draw their power by the consent of the sovereigns.  The King of England was the sovereign prior to the Revolutionary War.  After the war the citizens of the united States became the sovereign and the government the servant.  Now it seem the government has once again has become the sovereign.  

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