Thursday, April 7, 2011

Democrat Majority Leader Reid Refuses to Cut Budget

12 billion in cuts won't do Jack to really lower the budget deficit, but the Democrats will not even agree to cut 12 billion out of a 1.5 trillion deficit.

Bush 2009 fiscal year deficit 482 billion

Obama 2011 fiscal year deficit 1.5 trillion

Obama's has proposed a budget with a 300% increase in deficit in less than three years.

Lucky for all of us that Obama has not had the same effect on gasoline prices as he and the Dems have had on the deficit.  Gas has only doubles since Obama took office.  Obama supports don't worry by the time of the 2012 election gas prices should be closer to five dollars that four dollars. 

No matter how you slice it the deficit is out of control and up until January the Democrats controlled the budget process in congress.  Now the Dems only control the Senate and they still are blocking any real spending reform.  The Dems are spending your grandchildrens' future income and you fools still support Obama.

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