Friday, June 17, 2011

NPR: Obama Loosing Support From Left Wing

We don't think that young people and the far left will be so fired up come November 2012. 

Think about that 20 year old individual who voted for Obama and since has graduated college and can't find a job.  Without a job these people can't make their student loan payment so their credit will be toast before they are 24.   It will take years for their credit to heal.  It's not likely that these people will be very excited about Mr. "Hope and Change" next year.

The far left is not happy either.  If seems for some you just can't be liberal enough until you openly declare a dictatorship.   Just kidding about the dictatorship.......  To rephrase, for some you just can not hug enough trees,  get the price of gas high enough or have enough gay sex in the White House...  Somehow the far left expected the "Change" to happen over night.  Now they are disillusioned that the utopian dream they hoped for has not materialized.  Fewer of them will turn out to vote in the next national election is our expectation. 

Anyway, that is our view of the latest news reports.  What say you?

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