Friday, June 3, 2011

TSA Thugs Molest Mother in Front Of Son and Father

TSA agents threaten son so he will not record their crimes

'I can't believe he just touched my breasts - this is illegal.
'I can't believe he just did that to me, I want a police officer now.
'He just molested me - none of you care.'

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Men are now patting down women's breasts and the police will not arrest the TSA thugs for assault. 

TSA refuses to call police after molesting mother.  Then the thugs threaten the son for taking video of the ordeal.  No one will help the victim including the police.  When it comes to travel the cops are there to protect only the TSA thugs and not the citizens.

People in a free country should not have to be molested in public and private.

You watch the video and decide for yourself.  After they molest the mother TSA tries to stop son from recording the event through intimidation.  Even the cops would not arrest the son for filming the crime.

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