Monday, September 12, 2011

Obama Job Plan = More Taxes, Fewer Jobs

The Obama jobs plan calls for higher taxes and more money to his public union supporters.  A call for more teachers, fireman and road construction crews will produce no permanent jobs.  Road construction crews will be out of work once the roads are completed. Teacher's and firefighter's pay will become a burden on local governments once the original funding from the plan runs out.  Therefore local taxes in cities throughout the nation will either have to rise or the teachers and firefighters will become unemployed. Raising taxes on the oil and gas industry logical outcome would be higher energy prices and fewer jobs.  

Doubling down on the failed idea of government stimulus spending if foolish.  If the president really wants to help our economy he should take a lesson from recent history.  He only has to look back to 1980.  There he will find a road map for a robust economy.  History proves that lowering taxes actually produces more revenue for government.  The combination of lower taxes and less regulation is the only historically proven method for a recovery.  

Since stimulus one was past there are nearly two million fewer people working.  Based on that track record if this plan were to become law it would eliminate another million jobs.

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