Thursday, May 5, 2011

Detroit: 47% Can't Read

Teacher's Union Members
When 47^% of your population can't read there must be something wrong with the schools. 

The problem is that teachers are not being paid enough and their benefits are not high enough.  Detroit class size must be to large or enough money is not spent on a per student basis.

The proceeding reasons are not the problem.  The problem is teachers are over paid for the results they provide.  Money and class size has nothing to do with the poor results the public schools deliver.  The fact is the teachers, school boards and the NEA don't give a hoot if Johnny can read.  All they care about is sucking more money from the tax payers. 

Children should not be allowed to graduate grade school if they can't read much less receive a High School Diploma. 

Allowing this trend to continue any longer is moronic.  It's time for parents and tax payers to get what they are paying for.  If the teachers and administrators can't get the job done, fire them!

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