Friday, May 13, 2011

GOP Plan Creates 1.2 Million Jobs is Opposed By Obama

The GOP has passed legislation that would create 1.2 million new jobs and raise 800 million in revenue to the government without raising taxes.  The plan would also help reduce the price of gasoline. 

You may say hold on this sounds to good to be true and if it were true why would any president oppose such a plan.  Simple the plan calls for more oil well drilling thereby increasing production and increasing royalty revenue to the government.  This president opposes the plan because of his belief that domestic drilling is bad.  President Obama would rather send your tax dollars to Brazil so they and drill and then sell us the oil at a profit.  The presidents actions only serve to create jobs and profits for other nations and keep the United States dependent on imported oil. 

Remember who stood in the way of lower energy prices, President Obama.

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