Friday, July 29, 2011

Breaking News: WH Issues Crippling New Mileage Regulations - Still No Debt Plan

2012 Obama-mobile Prototype
The administration has the time and resources to promulgate new mileage standards for cars and trucks, mean while they still have not produced a plan to solve the debt ceiling deadlock.

GM, Ford and Chrysler describe the new regulations as "overly aggressive." The new standards more than double the current mileage requirements.  The technology needed to double miles per gallon does not exist today.  The only current solution is to downsize the fleet to micro cars or go electric/hybrid. The end result will be more expensive vehicles and smaller cars that are less safe than today's vehicles. 

Forcing the production of electric cars that travel 40 miles between charges is foolish.  Electricity is not pollution free to produce.  Shifting the site of the combustion of fossil fuels from the auto to the power plant  is not an environmental solution.  Also the chemicals used in the production and contained inside batteries are hazardous. Therefore electric cars do not eliminate air pollution and they add toxic chemical waste to the environment.  The desire of the left to have vast fleets of electric cars once again supporting our belief the Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. 

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