Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Budget Impasse: Dems Refuse 6.7% Spending Cut

Obama departing budget talks
Here is how the math works out.  To determine what percent 250 billion is of 3.69 trillion you divide 250 billion by 3.69 trillion and you come up with 6.7%.  

A spending cut of less than seven percent does not really seem to be a lot to ask considering the current economic outlook.  Even so Obama and the democrats would rather cut off pay to our military and stop social security checks  before they reduce government spending by less than seven percent.  

The 2008 budget request by president Bush was 2.9 trillion.  Therefore if Obama would cut the budget by 250 billion it would still be 3.44 trillion dollars.  An increase in spending since 2008 of near 16%.

We think government is to large already.  Asking Washington's spending to only grow by 16% in three years is a reasonable demand.  Reasonable to most but not to the Democrats and Obama.

Try as they may even with the help of the Lamestream Media to blame the Republicans if a deal to increase our debt limit can not be reached,  the majority of the voting Americans realize who is to blame for our current fiscal turmoil.  They knew it in November 2010 and they still know that the Democrats are not the answer for fixing our economy.

Remember government produces nothing and takes your money to operate.  The time has come that the line be drawn on how much of your money government takes away from you and your family.  We at State Of emergency say that  the government crossed the line years ago and now it is time to put a stop to further growth and spending.  After all, your grandchildren deserve not to pay the bills for today's government spending. 

To borrow the Democrats favorite slogan, stop the spending now for our children's sake.

Read how Obama bolted out of the White House meeting during negotiations earlier today:


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