Sunday, July 10, 2011

Obama's Private Army Exposed by Judge Napolitano

Judge Napolitano is sounding the alarm over the private army created by Obama's healthcare legislation.  We warned people about Obama's plan to create a army prior to the election.  At that time there were Youtube video documenting this plan. 

There can be no good reason for healthcare workers to be trained by the army and carry guns.  Could this mean that the Obama government plans to force you to use their healthcare at the point of a gun?  Why does the president want to have armed personnel operating on our soil under his direct control? 

It is not constitutional to have our own army deployed on our home soil unless we are in an emergency.  And, this is because in a time of emergency, normal constitution rule is suspended.

The point of this blog is to illustrate that we are in fact under emergence rule right now.  This story and warning from Judge Napolitano serves as further proof that we all have lived our entire life under emergency rule. That is unless you were born before March 9, 1933. In your case you would have been alive and living the first few years of your life under the constitution.

If you are 93f years old or older I would like we would like to talk to you about what life was like for you as a teenager or young adult. 

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