Monday, July 18, 2011

Breaking News: White House Says Veto to 3% Spending Cut for 2012 Budget

Even a cut of 3%  along with a realistic spending limits is unacceptable to the President.  Letting the states decide if the Federal Government should be required to a balance their budget is repugnant to our President. 

Obama officially threatens to veto 'Cut, Cap and Balance'

Obama has forgotten who elected him and who he works for.  Or could it be that we are the enemy and the President our master.  You decide.  Either way Obama is leading us to destruction if he and his Democrat buddies refuse to cut spending now before we end up like so many European countries.  

The GOP is trying to stop the wagon from going over the cliff and the President and his party are whipping the horses pulling the wagon to the brink of destruction. 

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