Saturday, August 20, 2011

Separate Jets for President and First Lady

Once again we have to look to our friends in the UK to give us the news.  The Mail online reports that the first family used two government jets for transport to their current vacation on Martha's Vineyard.  The additional expense for the second plan will cost the US tax payers thousands of dollars.  Luckly for the president the Lamestream media will never touch this story here in America and most Americans will never hear of this latest act of irresponsibility.  

While families are struggling to hold onto their homes and watching every dime the president lives in a different dimension when it comes to finances.  In September the president will release his newest plan for the economy.  His plan will include more taxes and spending.  You just wait and see..... He wants more taxes from the corporate jet owners he so readily vilifies, so he may spend more money on his jet vacations.  

While the president vacations at your expense unemployment figures continue their dismal trend, the DOW is on a slide, housing sales continue to plummet and inflation is on the rise.  The only good  news is the presidents approval ratings have hit a new low and the election draws closer every day.  Only fifteen months to go before Obama will be a lame duck.   

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