Thursday, August 25, 2011

Obama Admin Latest Regulations: Goat Herders

Goat Herders Convention 2010
Yes you read right, now the administration has issued regulation for goat herders.  The estimated compliance cost is thirty eight billion dollars.  The new regs are such a burden that it will be difficult for herders to afford to to hire seasonal help.  

Placing undo burdens on herders and family business is what we don't need.  These actions are more proof that government is to large and far reaching and the Obama administration just has no common sense.  If a lack of common sense is not the explanation for actions such as these then the only other conceivable reason would be that Obama wants to regulate most every aspect of your life. 

Washington already regulates your toilet, light bulbs, car bumpers and oh so much more.  We have no way to accurately figure the cost to consumers and the jobs Washington's regulatory burden is costing our economy.  All we know is that  the mountains of regulations in effect are hurting our economy and making us less competitive.  

At least we all can sleep better knowing that each goat herder and his family will be given a private residence with kitchen  and proper lighting.  We recognize the importance of these new regulations since Herding is top of mind as the number one issue confronting America today.  When the presidential debates are held in 2012 the contrast between Obama and his opponent on this issue could make or break the run for the White House.  

Who is not for protecting Goat Herders and providing them with nice comfortable apartments.  When voters lean that the republican is against regulations of this nature Obama should sweep every state.  Certainly no Tea Party candidate would have the compassion to issue regulations like this or any republican either.  Obama and his people are smart and know that this pivotal issue will sweep them in to a historic second term!   We stand in awe of the compassion and genius of the president and his administration

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