Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Proposed New Regulations: Federal Building Codes

Just drive along Hwy 64/40 in west St. Louis County and you will find a log cabin that was built in 1835.  How it can still be standing without being built to a Federal Building  Code is perplexing.  Perplexing because Washington now believes there is a need to implement Federal Construction standards.  Washington thinks that we are not smart enough on a local lever to implement proper construction standards.  The people who built that cabin in what is now West St. Louis County did a very good job without any government telling them how to build.

This is nothing more of the fundamental change promised by the Obamanation during the campaign.  Should the proposed codes go into effect the result will be less construction jobs and higher prices.  No dough there will need to be a new regulatory agency started to enforce any new Federal Construction codes, further increasing the scope of government.  

Thank Rick Perry for bringing this situation to light.


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