Monday, August 15, 2011

Harry Ried Thinks: Tea Party , Going Down the Drain

Harry Reid thinks the Tea Party will fade away and that the reason the the over 800 billion dollar Stimulus did not work was because it was not large enough.  Doubling down on stupidity will not save our economy or the elections in 2012 for the Democrats.  The best thing that could happen for conservatives if for the White House and Reid to keep talking more spending, taxes and regulations. If the Dems do that in 2012 the Senate will flip along with the White House to Republican control and then we can start to cut spending and fix the mess the democrats have put us in.

Rick Perry's entrance into the race with Texas creating 42% of all new jobs without running massive deficites and no state income tax will sharply contrast the failure of the Democrats' formula for government. 

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