Thursday, August 11, 2011

'Islam has always been part of our American family' says the President

During Wednesday's Iftar dinner at the White House President Obama said, "Islam has always been part of our American family."

I am sure he is correct and that the white male Christians who wrote and published our history books just left out the part about the Muslims on the Mayflower. There were also Muslims who served in the Revolutionary War also we are sure.  Like the accounts of the Mayflower the great Muslim heroes who fought against the King of England  were left out of the history books also. White Christian males must have know about the Muslims contributions to the founding or this once great nation and because of their bigotry left out the Muslims whilst recording history.  

Historical records also expose the lie that Queen Victoria funded Columbus when in fact is was a Muslim sheik. 

We applaud the President for correcting the historical record by reminding us that Islam has always been a part of the American family.   Even Marvel Comics has not confirmed that Super Man was not from Krypton rather from Egypt.  And, Super Man's fortress is not at the north pole but in Mecca....... 

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