Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Markets Sour on Debt Deal: Gold Up - DOW Down

Weak Dollar Means You Pay More For Everything You Buy
The media and left make the Teaparty villeins because conservatives wanted less spending, and a balanced budget.  Now that the debt limit has been raised who will the lamestream media and liberals blame now as our economy continues to falter?
The power elite on both sides of the isle got their way and now the markets are falling and rating agencies are warning of downgrades because of excessive debt.  These agencies have seen Europe fall into the muck of failed big government spending.  The scene looks the same here with the USA national debt approaching 17 Trillion dollars.

More debt means more taxes and less jobs....  This week's financial markets reaction to the debt deal with higher gold prices and a falling DOW  illustrate the folly of a country over spending.  
The market reaction teaches us that the people and the Teaparty have the answers with  Cut, Cap and Balance.  It is time the power elite give the people what they want, a balanced budget!

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Dow on Skids:

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