Sunday, November 21, 2010

The ACLU Holiday Travel Guide

Know your rights with the free official ACLU Travel Guide.

The TSA has announced there will be not change in their enhanced screening program at this time.

Before you are selected at random for enhanced screening or set off the metal detector because you have artificial knees or other metal in your body due to surgery be sure you arm yourself with the knowledge of your rights.

Get a receipt for your belongings before you leave the security area, request that a witness be present, record the event on your cell phone or other recording device, then bend over and grab your ankles.

If you travel with young children be sure you also travel with a camcorder also so you can record the event of your child's first sexual assault.  Those recordings will be something you will want to treasure and view time after time once they are an addition to your family's video and picture archives.

This message is brought to you as a free public service announcement.  Thank you for your viewership.

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