Sunday, November 21, 2010

Woman Says Her Lambert Security Screening Was Sexual Assault

Crime Scene Photo
Right here in good old St. Lou......  Reported by KMOV channel 4.

Get use to it citizens, were are the property of the government and they are assaulting us sexually. 

There are no full body x-ray scanners operating at Lambert Field.  Therefore is you set off the metal detectors you get the government sponsored groin grope. 

Do you really want some government agent touching your children or yourself like that.  This lady's crime was having artificial knees.  What ever happened to the wand security used before their new pat-down guidelines.  They could have use a security wand and determined that she had a knee replacement.  Then have her raise her pants leg to prove she had nothing strapped to her leg. 

The actions by the TSA have nothing to do with security and ever thing about control of the masses. 

If you have not do so yet I suggest you read the page link to the left entitled "When there is an emergency there is no constitution"  There you can read what congressman Beck had to say on the subject.

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