Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA Chief Apologizes To Man Covered In Urine

Terrorist Suspect or Just an Abused Passenger?
How many 61 year old white males have attempted to blow up an airliner? None.

How many terrorists has the TSA ever apprehended? None.

How many 4 year old children have ever been caught carrying any type of destructive device? None.

How many travelers have to be sexually assaulted before we say enough?  We will have to wait and see to answer this question.

Wake up and take your country back!

America is Bankrupt both fiscally and morally.


  1. That is just beyond ridiculous! When will people notice that we are no longer in America as it was founded?

  2. I believe people will only notice when confronted with the hard fact that our government was dissolved on March 9, 1933 and has never been restored.