Friday, November 5, 2010

Private Bankers Control Our Money Supply

Ron Paul renews call to audit the FED:

The Federal Reserve is a corporation owned by people.  It is not a US Government agency.  The president may appoint the Fed Chairman but that does not mean we control the Federal Reserve.

We borrow all our money at interest.  The Federal Reserve buys the dollars from the US mint for the cost of printing and then lend us the money at face value plus interest.

Don't you wish you could print money on your computer and then lend it out at interest? 
That would be great if you were the only one who could do that.  It sure is great for the Federal Reserve.

You trade something of real value, your work. We go to our jobs and work as a plumber or in an office.  In return you get paid in Federal Reserve Notes.  The problem is the "note" is not federal, there is no reserve and it is not a note. The paper you trade in is not a note because a note is a promise to pay.  There is no such promise on our currency today.

FRNs are like a check you really can't cash because all you get at the back are more FRNs.  Look at a dollar bill printed before 1965 and it will read "Pay the bearer on demand in lawful currency.  Now your money says, This note is legal tender for all debts public and private.

Inflation is caused by printing more money.  The more you print the less it is worth.  The reason a loaf of bread cost two dollars is because there is no gold or silver backing our money anymore.  As a child in the early 1960's I remember the adults saying that if we go off the gold standard that the cost of a loaf of bread will rise to a dollar.  They were right.

If you want real money (gold) an ounce cost over $1,300.00 in Federal Reserve Notes.  The printing presses keep printing and gold keeps going up.  The value of your labor continues to decline.  Then every year on April 15th, you pay taxes to service the interest on the debt.  So our money is backed by your taxes not gold.

We should not be paying interest to a group of private individuals who own the Federal Reserve.  The US Treasury should just print treasury notes and stop paying interest to a private company know as the Federal Reserve.

Ron Paul is correct in his wish to audit the FED.  It is long over due. 

Our current money system would not be possible if it were not for the continuing declared state of emergency.  Most all of the US code could not exist without the declared state of emergency.  The heath care bill could not exist without the declared state of emergency.  The Department of Education could not exist without the declared state of emergency.

If you think I am wrong prove it and I will give you a thousand dollars in Federal Reserve Notes.

You are the enemy of the government and we have been ruled under a declared state of emergency since March 9, 1933.  That is a fact of history and I know you can't disprove this fact.  The government has printed all the documents that prove that we are under emergency rule.  Your elected officials know this because the documents are printed by the government printing office at the direction of the Congress.

It is time to end the emergency and restore the normal Constitutional bounds of government.  Ron Paul is right in his efforts to audit the Fed.  It could be the first step in a return to Constitutional government in America.

Keep watching this site for more documents proving that we are under emergency rule.  And, Be sure to tell all your friends about this site, State Of Emergency.

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