Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Yes We Can"

Since Obama took office he has held true to his pledge to fundamentally change America.


  1. Appoint Czars without congressional approval
  2. Take over the internet and shut down your website without proving you broke the law
  3. Touch your junk as a condition for you to travel
  4. Dictate your health care
  5. Inflate the currency
  6. Record record levels of national debt
  7. Build victory mosques at ground zero with tax dollars
  8. Redistribute wealth
  9. Raise your taxes
  10. Bow to our enemies
  11. Sell 60 billion in arms to the Saudis
  12. Side with the UN against Israel
  13. Dictate what you eat
  14. Expose you to a known cancer causing product
  15. Give free pass to 20 million law breakers
  16. The loss of the dollar as the world's currency standard
I am sure there is more, these 16 items were just the first to come to mind.  Since State Of Emergency has readers that are smarter that the average voter, please post your comments with suggestions for additions to the list above.

Obama bows to Saudi King:

Yes we can stop this advance of tyranny if we take a stand before it is to late.

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