Saturday, November 13, 2010

Illegal Alien Amnesty Vote Update

From Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA:


Earlier this week U.S. House Speaker Pelosi announced she hoped to bring up the DREAM Act amnesty to a vote in the first week of the Lame Duck session (next week).

We asked you to start pounding congressional offices with faxes Thursday afternoon and, first thing Friday, we asked you to ring the phones off the hook all day in protest of any amnesty activity.

You have already sent more than 150,000 faxes of protest into the congressional offices.

(If you haven't sent your faxes yet, please go to your NumbersUSA Action Board and send them.)

Today, House Democratic leaders announced that they aren't going to deal with the amnesty next week. They will be out of town for Thanksgiving the week after that. So, we are now fighting to prohibit the vote the first week of December when Congress returns.

Every day (and especially week) that we delay the vote, the less likely the amnesty will get a hearing. There are at most three weeks left in which it can be raised after Thanksgiving. It still is a real danger. But Congress also has some major business it absolutely has to handle before Christmas.

Your job is to continue to make the amnesty seem so controversial that your 3 Members of Congress will be telling their leaders that they don't want the amnesty brought up as a vote.

As we have beaten every amnesty in every year starting in 2001, we have learned that it is always easier when the process gets dragged out. The announcement of delay today is a very good sign.

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