Monday, November 1, 2010

Reid vows immigration vote in lame-duck Congress

While the majority of Americans oppose amnesty for illegal aliens, Harry Reid announces that he will force a vote on immigration reform during lame duck session of Congress after the election.  

Reid's statement, "They want to keep talking about this issue, and I say [it] is demagoguery in its worst fashion and is unfair to the Hispanic community." proves how out of touch with the public he is.  Americans know it is wrong to reward people who break the law.  It is sheer lunacy to say it is unfair to the Hispanic community not to pass the Dream Act.  

Harry Reid, will do what ever can, re-elected or not, to add as many democratic voters to advance the destruction of our great land.  The liberal/progressives know that once the illegals get amnesty the majority of them will vote for democrats.  

Reid also knows that after the new Congress is seated next year there will not be a vote on immigration reform or cap and trade.  He must act now to attempt to ram another unpopular bill down the collective throats of the legal citizens. Of course his partner in crime House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi will also do what ever it takes to attempt to pass immigration reform before she looses her post and the Democrats loose control of Congress. 

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