Monday, November 1, 2010

DNC Can Not Run On The Issues

The Democrat National Committee, will have to do better than this is they want to win.  They will not run any ads reminding the voters that the Democrat Party passed Health Care and the failed Stimulus.  So much for running on your accomplishments. 

The Democrats future legislative agenda includes higher taxes on energy, higher income taxes, higher estate taxes and larger government.  These are not issues that win elections either.

Running ads that sound like a Democrat candidate is a conservative is an old ploy.  The voters have learned that the Democrats govern as the liberal/progressives they have proven to be in the last two years.

The Democrats' allies in the mainstream media will not be able to save the elections for them either.  Network prime time news has been hemorrhaging viewers for a number of years.  Informed voters have turned to the Internet and Fox News to stay abreast of the issues. 

Women are deserting the Democrat party in record numbers and the generic ballot has Republicans favored over Democrats at a margin not seen in a generation. 

There is nothing left for the incumbent party to do, time has run out.

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